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“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on.”.

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"I don’t need your protection! I need you, Derek."

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It’s deliberate that he doesn’t look for his own name. Erica has been badgering him to get a bottle for the collection on their window — hers, Isaac’s and Boyd’s are lined up in the loft’s kitchen already,…

You guys are so married!!


The many ways Oliver and Felicity act as a married couple.

I cant believe his doing this with all the press around

Eye Contact

Letting wifey know she can come to him if she needs to talk

Making sure the other is safe

There was no choice to make

Honey we need to talk!!


Dedicated to bleep0bleep because she’s an absolute angel who always spreads good cheer by writing people little adorable wonderful ficlets and gosh, every time I read something she writes it makes my face do goofy things ♥ (also she wrote this amazing prompt for it)

Just imagine Derek getting stuck in his wolf form and having none of his human inhibitions and stuff, but his wolf still remembers his crush on Stiles so he cuddles Stiles’ hoodie and gets stuck in it because the scent is so comforting, and all the other werewolves are like ehehehheehe and stiles is like ????

Yeah, I love drawing Wolf!Derek a lot. (look out for this coming out on a mug soon at my Society6 store!)

The life of a multishipper in a nutshell

multishipper: oh look a ship hell yass

multishipper: another ship woohooo

multishipper: so many ships i ship all of them oh my god

person: but what's your OTP



multishipper: *sweats*

multishipper: *convulses*

multishipper: *gasps*



multishipper: well



Find an anchor…keep the human side in control.
What is it for you?

                                                             A N G E R

You’re in love with him and he’s in love with you, and it’s like a goddamn tragedy because you look at him and see the stars, and he looks at you and sees the sun, and you both think the other is just looking at the ground. {quote - insp. x}